What your children need

What your children need is not what you think

Some parents, particularly men, try to compensate for their shortcomings by trying to offer the best life they think their children can have. This category of leaders devotes their life to creating wealth for their children. They choose to travel for business, leaving their vulnerable children and partners behind at home. They think being a good provider means creating as much wealth as possible for “later”, which may never come.

The missing point

The point many of them miss is that their young children do not want a luxury vacation, car, or house. What they most need at a young age is love and a caring parent who plays with them. They don’t care where the toys come from. They care about who keeps them company, plays with them, and makes them laugh. They want to see their mom/dad among those waiting at the school pick up.

Don’t think, check instead

Some leaders assume their absence is acceptable as they believe they are doing the right thing for their children. This is something they may never have checked. Don’t think on behalf of anyone, check instead. When children are grown, they often prefer to live on their own, make something of their lives, and acquire their place in society.

You leave your children when they need you most, to come back when they don’t need you.

In fact, your interference at a later age may even interrupt their resourcefulness, creativity, and their own inner purpose.

Learn from the rule of nature

It doesn’t have to be black or white. Creative leaders can pursue an amazing career fueled by a lovely family sphere. Based on the unquestionable rule of nature, all superior species like lions, jaguars, and eagles return to their nest or basecamp after every adventure. They instinctively know any unnecessary delay can be fatal. They are excellent executers of first things first and so they create their nest first. This gives them the peace of mind and mindfulness they need to set their breakthrough strategies. It’s called family first! When you have to choose, reconnect with your biggest why, your inner purpose. If you do so, the rest will fall into place easily.

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About the author

Hamid Safaei is the author of Your Journey to Fulfillment and the upcoming book First Class leadership. He is the founder of ImOcean Academy. Hamid is a qualified executive coach helping executives and budding entrepreneurs make breakthroughs. He has led successful business transformations for a number of Fortune Global 500 companies.