Black Card Books is proud to announce the publication and official launch of the Amazon bestselling book…

First-Class Leadership by Author Hamid Safaei

In First-Class Leadership, Hamid Safaei discusses specific and actionable points from getting people to believe in your vision, building effective teams, communicating, inspiring, encouraging, and developing employees so they give their very best, caring, and nurturing your workforce, to finding and keeping talent that will take your company to the next level. This book will change your perspective on how leaders should lead and how managers should manage.

First-Class Leadership Book Launch Gala & Fundraiser Event

Networking begins at 6:30 PM. Welcome and guest speakers start at 7:00 PM. Warm snacks and drinks will be served.

A portion of proceeds from tonight’s gala will be donated to Hamid’s chosen charity, Tjommie Foundation, and to the casualties of the recent earthquake in western part of Iran.

First-Class Leadership by Author Hamid Safaei

First-Class Leadership is relevant more than ever before. On an individual level, many people are burning out and we are all collectively burning up the only planet we live in. The book invites all leaders to reconnect to their biggest ‘why’ and base their leadership on what matters most. And this is what we need now.” — Prof. Dr. Balkenende, Prime Minister of The Netherlands (2002 -2010)

“Keep in mind that top leaders also had their share of ups and downs. Hamid has identified the path on how you can create from potential or ordinary individuals to real and first-class leaders!” — David Bunney, author of Success Leaves a Trail

“In an inspiring way this book sums up what first-class leadership is all about. It covers how great leaders lead and what they have in common, such as their inner fire, their natural tendency to be proactive, their willingness to take risks and come up with solutions. A highly recommended read and a great source of inspiration for everyone who has affinity with leadership.” — Patrick Lammers, CEO Essent

First-Class Leadership is a great manual to be mentally and emotionally fit for leading at the next level.” — Brian Nieves, Missouri State Senator (Ret.), International Speaker, author of The Dirty Dozen and COO MGB-Surgery, LLC

“Anyone who’s ever wanted a great leadership book, here is a powerhouse of solid advice and strategies to make it to the next level. First-Class Leadership is a fantastic manual.” — Eric van den Broek, CIO KPMG NL

March 22nd, 2018 @ 7 PM – 9 PM




AFAS Software Headquarters

Philipsstraat 9, 3833 LC Leusden



Tjommie Foundation and Casualties of the Recent Earthquake in Western Part of Iran