“Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.’ ~ Eckhart Tolle

So, there is a project deadline, or an exam, or your first interview, any of these situations can cause stress. Isn’t it? In general, stress has become a part of our lives. But that part, which never do any good to your health.

Different people respond to stress differently. However, this never means you cannot reduce, or eliminate it. Though there’s no “one size fits all” solution for stress handling, yet if you feel like your life is going out of control, it’s high time, you need to take some actions.

Stress management – is something you need to learn about. While it will teach you some healthier ways to cope with the situation, it will also aid in minimizing the harmful effects of stress in future. Below are listed some astounding methods to keep stress at bay;

Morning Ritual:

Start the process of ‘de-stressing’ as soon as the day begins. This means your morning routine needs to be changed. It will comprise of all set of actions which you take, i.e. from the time you wake up to the time you get ready to start your day. Wake up early. Yes, it might be difficult for some days, but gradually you’ll get into this habit. Welcome the ‘Sun’ and step out of your dwelling. Besides all the necessary activities you do, make sure you keep a special time for meditation. If possible, you can join some centers for this.

And most important- don’t underestimate the value of these morning rituals. Yes, it gives you a perfect start for your day, which is further helpful in creating a powerful momentum in your life.

Exercise Regularly:

This could be a part of the above mentioned point, but it holds a significant place in your stress management plan, and hence, it is added separately. Regular exercises have been a part of all highly successful people across the globe. And before you start running, it is better to clear that it is about all the physical activities which keep your body mentally and physically strong.

Now, if you ask about the ‘right’ exercise, then there’s no such ‘right’ one. You can initially choose any among those hundreds of exercises including weight lifting, cycling, a team sport or just simply a brisk walk. The main aim is to get regular with whatever you choose. You seriously need to find a timeslot for it in your busy schedule, and ensure that you follow it.

As far as the benefits are considered, it cannot be described in words. From great health to maintaining youthfulness, and from enhanced productivity to assured success, it shows significant effects in your life.

Taking Breaks:

To do something great, you need to ‘NOT DO’ anything. Don’t get confused!

For example, you are working on a project constantly, but not getting the desired results. What you do? You keep on trying harder, and harder, isn’t it? That’s good, but not great. This time, try out something different.

Believe it- Taking Breaks and disconnecting from work allows your mind and body rest, and then when you reconnect, it works better. Moreover, it offers a great sense of control over your energy throughout the day.

Planning Ahead:

Is your day planned? No? This might be a reason of greater stress. Setting up a time-based structure and scheduling your days in advance can simplify living.

Planning makes you more productive. The reason is quite known; it helps you getting the most of your day. Being confined by 24 hours each day, it is you and only you, who can work on your structural productivity. Optimizing your day proffers a real progress tracking system for your time and restores the sense of control.

Evening Routine:

Don’t let your evening ruin your day. The routine needs to wind-down process as you move closer to the end of the day, stepping forward to a fantastic night of sleep. You need to incorporate the ability to forget about worries and stresses. Meditation can always be a part of your evening. And the rest includes general advises like- leaving work at work, turning off your electronics, healthy diet, and a sound sleep.

No matter how powerless you are feeling right now, these amazing ways will help you gain control over your emotions, lifestyle, thoughts, and the way you deal with problems. Basically, it is not about changing the stressful situation; it is about changing your reaction towards it!