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How to take a solution-oriented approach to resolving problems

  Employees expect leaders to solve problems both big and small. But a leader’s attention will be focused on issues of significance (financial crises, unexpected mergers, and acquisitions), which means medium-sized problems are often put aside, to return later with a vengeance! As Noble Peace Prize winner and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger […]

Select your future leaders as eagles do

In an effective team, all members can achieve more than they could on their own, so put your best employees in strategic positions, so they can uplift each other when necessary. Some leaders, caught by their emotions, put incompetent relatives or people they care about in leading and strategic positions, which ruins their vision and […]

8 simple steps to achieve your goals this year

Every year many clients come to me with fascinating goals such as multiplying their income or starting their own business. “What’s the plan?”, I ask. “It’s in my head and I’m hoping you’ll help me figure it out.”, they often answer. Here are 8 steps you can take on your own to achieve your goals […]

The rise of populism survival of the fittest

The rise of populism survival of the fittest Many are still staggered by the fact that Britons chose to leave the EU. And why was Donald Trump elected as the 45th president of the United States? The endorsements of the elite, and celebrities like Richard Branson, appear to have had no significant effect on the crowd. As the author of the […]

What your children need

What your children need is not what you think Some parents, particularly men, try to compensate for their shortcomings by trying to offer the best life they think their children can have. This category of leaders devotes their life to creating wealth for their children. They choose to travel for business, leaving their vulnerable children […]

Stress? Try These Tips

“How are you doing today?” you may ask a friend or colleague. “I’m good thanks for asking, yourself?” say, some.  “Very busy nowadays” say, many others. “Busy” may be one of the most heard words in the corporate world. Do you agree? And why is that? If you feel you are a busy person, have […]

Leadership lessons to keep your head high

Former UEFA president, Michel Platini’s spectacular fall from grace brought to mind a few leadership lessons I’d like to share. We can learn a lot from those giants who believe their sun will never set. Following these tips would have helped them save their good name and keep their pride intact. 1. Treat others as you want to be treated […]

Be the best version of yourself

How can you be the best version of yourself? How often have you found yourself asking the following questions? “I can do better, why am I still doing this job?” “I deserve better.” “God, when will this end?” The better questions to ask might be: “Do I know what I want to achieve?” Have I done […]